First things first…

CMDetroit cultivates world-class performances in acoustically superb venues. Our concerts are open to all and all are welcomed. Our listeners come from every community in Metro Detroit, cover every age group, and are a mix of devoted patrons and first-timers. An evening of chamber music is always a memorable evening, we hope to see you and listen together.

What do I wear?

Coming to your first CMSD concert, you might think our listeners wear tuxes and ballgowns, and you may see one or two, but the attire of our patrons runs the gambit. From students in jeans and a t-shirt, to lifelong listeners in suits, we’ve seen it all. We welcome you to our concerts as you are.

When can I talk?

It’s the horrible nightmare scenario in your head. I’m going to a classical music concert and I sit in silence for 2 hours and have no idea when it’s appropriate to clap. Not at the CMSD! We are a social group of listeners who love to talk about anything and everything between works and in the lobby before, during intermission, and after the concert. Of course, when artists are performing it’s best to just listen, but otherwise meet some new friends, talk about the music or anything really!

When can I clap?

Clapping. The general rule is that you clap after a piece is complete, not between individual movements. So, if you notice in your program a piece with three movements and it looks like this:

The Best String Quartet Ever

Movement 1 (Don’t clap)
Movement 2 (Don’t clap)
Movement 3 (Clap!)

You only clap following the third (and final) movement. If all else fails, just don’t be the first to clap and you’ll be good to go!

In an orchestra there are multiple players per part, whereas in chamber music there is one player per part. In chamber orchestras, there are still multiple players to a part, but fewer than in a symphony orchestra. 

How is it different from an orchestra?

Where can I learn about the music?

Pre-concert events are free to ticket holders and are a great way to learn more about the musical works and artists before the concert. They typically begin at 6:45 PM and include talks, interviews with artists, recitals or a film. There are also detailed program notes given out to audience members.

How long are the concerts?

Concerts are about 2 hours, which includes a 25-minute intermission.

Some of our patrons arrive an hour early, some 5 minutes before the concert. As long as you’re in your seat at concert time, you’re good to go. If you do arrive late, ushers will gladly seat you during a break in the music.

When should I arrive?

If you have other questions about anything pertaining to our concerts, feel free to give anyone at the CMSD a call. We are always happy to have new listeners join us! 313-335-3350 or

What else?